Thursday, May 19, 2011

Wooden, Hand-Painted, Decoupage Bangles

Hand-painted, wooden, decoupage bangles with a varnish glaze.
Each bangle was made with care and is a one-of-a kind KBW creation - they are a perfect 'cherry-on-top' to any outfit for any occasion!

Dimensions (same for all of the bangles shown below):
Diameter: 2.5"
Width of bangle: 1.5"

- The Fenway Beach Bangle -

Aqua and white hand-painted swirl surface (solid aqua inside) with decoupage shell design around entire circumference.

- B&W Checker Board Floral Bangle -

Black and white checkered surface (solid black inside), wooden bangle with pink floral decoupage around entire circumference.

- Little Beach Sand Dollar Bangle -

Light blue and pale yellow haze decoupage sand dollar surface with pale yellow and light blue micro-striped inside.


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